Dr. Oz Viewing and Twitter Party!

January 3, 2011 is a day you wanna mark down, sit down at a computer and turn on your TV. Cause we are gonna blow up Twitter with a fun live chat during the Dr. Oz episode “11 Weeks to Move it and Lose it”. Check time and channel by zip code.

This one of–a–kind online initiative will provide customized tools to knock off the pounds and transform people’s bodies and lives by giving participants their very own personal trainer and their own individually tailored weight loss plan (a value of $99 a month) absolutely free. During the show, Dr. Oz will
go through the easy step-by-step process of how and when to sign up for the program plus reap incredible benefits and giveaways.

Did someone say incentives???

To help kick off the “11 Weeks to Move It and Lose It” campaign, THE DR. OZ SHOW is partnering with the Nike SPARQ Training Network (NSTN), selected based on their unique expertise and knowledge in the health and fitness field. This team of experts (11 trainers and 11 health/nutrition experts) will be able to provide guidance and motivation, results–focused webcasts, exercise videos, behavior modification tips and answer health and fitness questions all at the touch of a mouse. (have not been able to find a link on the experts yet). On the website www.doctoroz.com, participants can track their progress and food intake with these unique tools:

  • Food logging – Participants can enter virtually any food from a database over 70,000 foods (even from popular restaurants) to keep track of calorie and nutrient intake as well as receive suggested lifestyle menus to help plan out meals.
  • Setting weight loss goal /tracking – In order to help participants determine a realistic goal for 11 weeks, a customized calendar will monitor progress and set goals with reminders of where you need to be every day based on height, weight, BMI, age, and lifestyle.
  • Health assessment – Participants can take a quiz to evaluate diet and exercise based on current health.
  • Weight loss community – Participants will get the chance to talk to others on the plan and gain support as they work through the challenges. People can also see real–time updates on their progress and get tips and professional advice from the NSTN for motivation.
  • Exercise – Videos and webcasts will help participants lose the pounds and get them on the road to healthier living.
  • Product – Participants will receive recommendations from the NSTN with regard to specific products that will support their chosen exercise programs.

Tweet with Us (and Fit Bottomed Girls)

Whether you are already a guru, in the middle of your journey, or feel inspired to start changes in 2011 — your thoughts matter. Use your voice on Twitter. Watch with us and send your tweets out there to share your thoughts on the program. Let’s use #DrOzMILI (Dr. Oz Move It Lose It) as the hash tag. Share your blog posts too. Will you try the program? Why/why not?

Follow @ScritchfieldRD and @FitBottomedGirl and let us know you will be on the Twitter chat on January 3rd!

11 Weeks to Move It Lose It

Viewers can sign up for the “11 Weeks to to Move It or Lose It” program simply by going to www.doctoroz.com. Enrollment is available free of charge for the entire 11 weeks. THE DR. OZ SHOW will be monitoring progress of individuals and exploring various components of the 11 week program throughout January and February.