Would You Take Your Valentine to a “Dirt” Dinner?

It’s Valentine’s Day and millions of people everywhere will be celebrating by taking their Sig-Os out for a delicious dinner. But what if you were surprised with a dinner full of dirt? Sounds ridiculous, right? That’s exactly what I thought when Yahoo contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me to comment on an upscale restaurant with “dirt” on the menu.

PROTOLEAF: Salad with dirt dressing

PROTOLEAF: Salad with dirt dressing

Yahoo! Shine ask me to share my thoughts on this unique new ingredient that’s appearing in a French restaurant in Toyko! Salad with dirt dressing and dirt risotto with sauteed sea bass are among the dishes offered at the eatery, named Ne Quittez Pas (translates to ‘Please don’t leave’).

Of course, before I had real information on exactly what they were doing, I was thinking “why would anyone do this?” Once I got past that, I thought “ew – what about contaminants?”. Then the rational thinking kicked in that eating fresh plants that grow from the dirt have the vitamins and minerals you need without actually eating dirt. I’m all for adventure – and dirt. But I’ll take mine on the trail running in the mud!


Of course it also turns out the dinner is pricey because this special dirt is so “rare”. I don’t care. I’m not biting. You can read the full article here to find out more about the dishes they’ve created that include the dirt (called Kuro Tsuchi) and what I have to say about it.

What do you think about cooking with dirt? Would you eat it???

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