Healthier Superbowl Party Food and Snacks


I was so honored to be included as one of the nutrition experts the Huffington Post reached out to in order to find out what to eat for a healthy superbowl party. To keep everyone happy — meat eaters and vegetarians alike — I recommended a bunch of great snacks:

  • Lamb sliders — nutrient-rich, full of protein and a little unexpected!
  • Shrimp cocktail — packed with protein and heart healthy fats
  • Veggie platter with yogurt and herb dip
  • Healthy dips like salsa, guacamole or black beans
  • Heart-healthy nuts like pistachios — one serving is a whopping 49 kernals!
  • Whole grain chips — pick one made with a few simple ingredients

You can read the whole article here for all my superbowl snack picks, and tips from other nutrition experts too. What are some of your favorite healthy superbowl bites???

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