Helpful Hints for a Healthy Lunch in Women’s Running Mag

I’m a woman. I run. So it is only natural when @WomensRunning contacts me for an interview on sports nutrition that I’m going to say YES!

The article was on healthy lunches. In usual fashion, my spin focuses on meeting the body’s needs for nutrition and physical performance. When I get a chance to reach lots of people, I smash diet myths as much as I can. For this article, I picked the “low carb” myth – no way, Jackson! Runners need carbs. I emphasized whole grain carbs that are minimally processed and give a 1-2 punch of nutrients along with the quick energy we need right about lunch time. Manage your energy levels. Eat real food, enough so you don’t starve, and don’t fear the carbohydrate.

Check out my smattering of tips in the online article. I managed to get in messages about mindful eating (take a lunch break) and hydration. Better yet, go buy your own copy of the mag — lots of good stuff in this issue you can’t get online!

2 thoughts on “Helpful Hints for a Healthy Lunch in Women’s Running Mag

  1. Those are super great tips. I am a nutrition major at Arizona State University and I constantly have friends and family asking me questions about healthy lunch items and snacks through out the day. I will inform them of this article. Thank you for sharing🙂

    • I loved ASU – I got an awesome thick crust pizza there from a hole in the wall place on campus. What’s the name? It’s Chicago style and all kinds of beers on tap. I remember blue walls… is that right? I was on my way to a 24 hr mountain bike relay race.

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