Decoding the Deli – Women’s Health Helps People Make Nourishing Choices

April 2011 Issue - I'm quoted!

Women’s Health called me and asked how I thought busy people could eat healthy at the deli counter. My big suggestion was VEG OUT! I love using whole wheat wraps because you can fit in a lot of veggies and lean protein. I love alfalfa sprouts, spinach, tomatoes (in season) and red peppers in my wraps. What about you?

You can read the full article in the April issue and it’s online too. (side note: I still can’t get over seeing my name printed in a major mag! I’ve been a reader for so long, it’s like… is that MOI?)

Here’s a brief run-down of the articleDecoding the Deli

You can pick up a tasty and nutritious meal on the fly.  The deli can be a one-stop shop of delicious, health-conscious options as long as you’re wary of sodium, nitrates and other deli dangers. The editors of Women’s Health magazine help you make the best choices for your body.

Not All Cuts Are Created Equal: Sliced whole roasted ham, turkey and pot roast are known as “whole cuts,” also known as processed meats. These tend to be fattier and are made by adding preservatives and fillers to ground meat. The best way to make sure your getting a whole cut is to ask for it.

Nitrate Dangers are no Baloney: When nitrates and sodium from meats like bologna and salami combine with the digestive juices in the stomach they can turn into a carcinogenic compound that has been linked to several types of cancer.  Stuff your sandwiches with lots of veggies, the antioxidants in vegetables may prevent nitrates from converting into cancer causing compounds.

Low Sodium Doesn’t have to Mean Low Taste: Some sandwiches can pack 150% of your RDA of sodium.  Low sodium meats and cheeses slash salt by anywhere from 30 to 85 percent. When going low sodium, pick a meat or cheese you don’t normally eat and you can even choose ones with herbs or spices so you don’t miss the salt.

Check out @womenshealthmag or pickup the April issue of Women’s Health on newsstands now!

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