Fruits and Vegetables: Eat Em’ Like Junk Food

The CDC released a report showing that Americans are falling short on eating enough Fruits and Vegetables in their diet. Numerous studies have been shown that an increase in vegetable servings can help to reduce the risk for many of the leading causes of death in this country, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. But only 1/3 of adults consumed fruit two or more times per day and 26% consumed vegetables three or more times per day, far short of the national targets, set by the Dietary Guidelines and Healthy People 2010.  Public health efforts to increase consumption seem to be falling sort, so what can we do to turn these statistics around?

The Carrot farmers of America think they have an idea-Making baby carrots just as cool as junk food. With a genius new marketing campaign they urge consumers to-“eat em like junk food.”

Food marketing is only 2nd to the auto industry in number of dollars spent on advertising, and the vast majority of that going to complete junk, I fully support a change from only McDonalds to something more healthful. With tongue in cheek youtube videos that play on common marketing ploys, we find we can INDULGE with baby carrots, that baby carrots are XTREME, and also the snack of the future.

By using social media, they are trying to show that Baby Carrots ARE cool! Scurry on over to their new, flashy website, or read their highly amusing  twitter feed Here’s a sample:

  • #Eatem like you just got paid.
  • @DoritosUSA Want cool ranch? You should see our carrot farm.#babycarrots
  • Some say baby carrots give you vision like an eagle. Maybe that’s because we’re the snack of freedom.
  • Never trust a snack that can live forever. #twinkies Do you like baby carrots??

With obesity still a major concern in America, I fully support an increased public awareness for vegetables! Baby carrots are one of my favorite snack foods, and I love eating them with hummus!

What do you think of this marketing campaign? How can we get everyone to eat more fruits and vegetables?

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