Checking In at Green Mountain at Fox Run – Part 1

The home page at Green Mountain at Fox Run says it all:

Imagine a life free of weight worries

For many people, that above promise sounds too good to be true. With 50% of all women constantly dieting and 90% of all diets failing after spending, oh, $33 MILLION a year on wasteful “gimmicks” full of empty promises, it’s no wonder most women get a little jaded to the notion they could possibly “live a life free of weight worries”.

Well, I’m spending the next week going through the Green Mountain experience to find out if it’s true — and I’ll be blogging all about it.

What Is Green Mountain? And what is it NOT?

From my experience so far — and I’ve only been here 12 hours (with 8 of them sleeping) — Green Mountain is a place where you can come an “unplug” your life computer and put yourself first for at least a week (although many women here have been here a month!) Putting yourself first is an essential part of changing your lifestyle. I talk with my clients about it in my counseling and when I speak about The Nurture Principles tm. Yet, especially women, we just can’t seem to be so “selfish” and we end up living a life of less-than-stellar health behaviors that leave us feeling tired, frustrated and downright miserable.

Well, Green Mountain is a place where you can focus on YOU and unlearn years of dieting “rules” and mindless eating habits you picked up through the years. At this women-only (sorry guys) fitness and healthy weight loss retreat you’ll learn normal eating, like you did before you started to worry about your weight…eating what you want…feeling great…liking yourself for who you are. (admit it, sometimes we can be our own worst critics).

Green Mountain at Fox Run is the country’s foremost women-only healthy weight loss program. It offers a practical, livable healthy lifestyle approach with which, for the past three decades, women have discovered how to lose weight and keep it off.

The Promise

No more struggling to stop overeating, binge eating or compulsive eating. No more restrictive diets or other weight loss programs that don’t work. No more tormenting yourself with the scale. No more health spa, weight loss spa, or boot camp for weight loss regimens that don’t work at home.

The Location

Nestled in Vermont’s beautiful Green Mountains, Green Mountain at Fox Run sits among 26 peaceful wooded acres overlooking Okemo Mountain.

262 Fox Lane
Ludlow, VT 05149
(802) 228-8885

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