Skip Your Camping Food Blahs and Try Some Fun and Healthy Fuel

By: Carlene Helble- Elite Nutrition Intern

Summer is the perfect time to run out from the office and pitch your tent on a camping adventure, but do you know how to fuel your trip? Rebecca recently provided Dick’s Sporting Goods magazine with some essential tips for a successful camping experience.

While candy bars and junk food may seem like an easy pre-packaged pick up, simple carbs will eventually result in an energy crash, the last thing you want while hiking to your destination. The right balance of carbohydrate, protein, and fat in your snacks and meals is crucial for sustained energy the whole trip. It’s also important to remember to eat every 3-4 hours during activity. When you and your group hike, bike, climb, or even set up camp, you are expending calories, which need to be replaced. So what to snack on? Rebecca advises that lightweight dried foods that can be rehydrated, like pre-seasoned dried bean soup, or flavored couscous are perfect to throw in the camping pot. Dried bean soup gives campers a punch of protein while the couscous is the perfect carbohydrate. For breakfast a baggie of five minute oats and dried fruit will give you a great nutritious start to your day. Last but not least, remember to pack a treat for a pick me up. A little chocolate in a homemade trail mix, or some pudding packets with dried milk will provide a sweet end to the day.

Prior to packing up your gear, take the time to organize and pre bag your meals for a fast fix during dinner or lunch time. After a long day, the last thing you want to do is spend a long time cooking and trying to find the ingredients you need. Rebecca pre-cuts, mixes, and organizes all of her dried foods in individual baggies with directions for the each meal while packing. Save your self the frustration, fatigue, and the risk of improper nutrition by remembering little tips like these so you can enjoy your next camping excursion.

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One thought on “Skip Your Camping Food Blahs and Try Some Fun and Healthy Fuel

  1. Nice food tips! Great to follow this advice especially when hiking. One really needs all the energy he/she can get so as to stay fit and healthy all throughout the trip. Thanks for the advice.

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