D.C. Air Show Saturday May 15 2010 – Come Try Fruit 2 o Essentials

I’m super excited to be working with Fruit2 on a campaign to educate women about the risks of diabetes — and ways they can prevent it. Even cooler, they are putting up some serious money for the cause! Fruit2O is working with the American Diabetes Association to help promote the fight to stop diabetes.  As part of its Small Changes>Lifelong Results campaign, the Fruit2O brand is asking consumers to pledge to make a small change in their life that will have a big impact on their health. For every “small change” pledged, they will donate $1 to the local American Diabetes Association chapter. Pretty cool, huh?

Come see me and Stacy Capers (American Diabetes Association spokesperson and former Biggest Loser contestant) at the D.C. Air Show May 15. We will tell you about the Small Changes campaign and how you can get involved.

If you know me at all, you know I’m a fan of the “small change”. When it comes to preventing Type 2  diabetes, I’m looking at managing a healthy weight and minimizing “added sugars” — you know what I mean. Most of the added sugars Americans consume are in the form of empty calorie drinks like sodas, sports drinks (when you aren’t exercising over an hour), sweetened teas, slushies, etc. If you’re drinking these beverages, consider the power of making a small change. Swapping out these drinks with beverages that provide zero calories is the way to go.

I’ll be talking about the Small Changes>Lifelong Results campaign, all summer long in various locations. I’ll be giving tips for making small changes and sampling the new Fruit2O Essentials. It’s a zero calorie water beverage with vitamins and minerals. This is a great drink to try because it has fruit flavor and when you’re used to drinking sugary beverages, you might appreciate the taste. Another good one to try is sparkling water with about 1/4 cup of 100% fruit juice added.

Nearly 24 million American children and adults have diabetes while 57 million have pre-diabetes (this means they are at risk for getting diabetes soon if they don’t make changes). Diabetes runs in my family. My mom has it and she used to guzzle sweet beverages. This campaign is especially important to me. But you can do something about your risk. By improving your nutrition habits and activity levels, you can help prevent diabetes (ask me how!)

2 thoughts on “D.C. Air Show Saturday May 15 2010 – Come Try Fruit 2 o Essentials

  1. Rebecca – Great to hear about your prediabetes efforts!! We’ve got to raise awareness and help people with prediabetes make a few simple lifestyle changes to reverse or delay type 2. And one of the most important and easiest to change is thinking about what you’re drinking and limit the added sugars. Fruit20 is a great option. For more information I encourage people to read a blog about prediabetes I just wrote for U.S. News: http://health.usnews.com/health-news/managing-your-healthcare/diabetes/articles/2010/05/13/4-ways-to-prevent-and-treat-prediabetes.html
    Thanks and keep up the great work!
    Hope Warshaw

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