Nutrition By the Numbers – NuVal Grades Popular Yogurts

Like yogurt? I do. I personally love the fat-free greek yogurts – Fage and Oikos. They are high in protein and have no added sugars. I add my own fresh fruits. Check out my video and  recipe for the banana split smoothie. Here’s a list of yogurts that were scored recently by Nu-Val – the company responsible for the Overall Nutrient Quality Index. I think  this rating system can be useful with yogurts because there are so many varieties and it can be hard to tell if your yogurt is more like a dessert or a health food. Fage and Oikos (the popular greek yogurt brands) were not rated, but your favorit yogurt might be rated. Don’t get hung up on the numbers. There’s not that much difference between a yogurt that gets and 85 or a 95, but a yogurt that gets a 25 or less deserves a second look… are you getting what you are paying for?

Breyers Light Yogurt, Boost Immunity Light Black Cherry Jubilee 99
Lightfull Smoothie, Mango Oasis 91
Dannon Activia Light Fat Free Blueberry 89
Weight Watchers Yogurt, White Chocolate Raspberry 87
Dannon Light ‘n Fit Rasberry Yogurt 81
Brown Cow Fat Free Plain Yogurt 81
Yoplait Yogurt Light Fat Free Boston Cream Pie 66
Stonyfield Farm Organic Fat Free Black Cherry Fruit on the Bottom 64
Yoplait Light Fat Free Strawberry 60
Yoplait Light Thick & Creamy Peaches ‘N Cream 59
Stonyfield Farm O’Soy Strawberry/peach 48
Yoplait Yo-Plus Strawberry Yogurt 40
Yoplait Go-Gurt, Burstin’ Melon Berry 39
O Soy Blueberry Yogurt 35
Activia Plain Yogurt 34
Stonyfield Yo Squeeze Strawberry 33
Yoplait Trix, Burstin Berry 32
YoCrunch Yogurt, Cookies N Cream Oreo 29
Yoplait Yogurt, Whips Mouse Chocoate 25
YoCrunch Mild Lowfat Vanilla Yogurt with Chocolate Crunch 25
Dannon Yogurt, Low Fat, Fruit on the Botton, Cherry 24
Dannon laCreme Yogurt, Vanilla 23
Dannon Yogurt, Activia Low Fat Mixed Berry 23
Brown Cow Cherry Vanilla Whole Milk Yogurt 23
Dannon Dan Active Probiotic Dairy Drink Immunity Blueberry 22

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