Sports Nutrition Interview with Yours Truly

It’s gorgeous here in D.C. and I need to do a 12-mile run for the Suntrust National Half Marathon.

So, rather than writing a long post… I need to get out there and run!

However, I must share the link to my loooooooooooong interview… more like a discussion on sports nutrition – and baseball in particular.

I had a great time talking nutrition with the Jimmy Scott’s High and Tight blog. He even throws in songs with the interview to break it up! I love the intro song “food glorious food” – awesome!

Let me know what YOU think… Does anyone want to count the ums, you knows, and likes? I’m working on that! I have to say it’s exhausting to have an hour interview and be on message!

In health,


4 thoughts on “Sports Nutrition Interview with Yours Truly

  1. Have you heard of the new All Sport Natural Zero sports drink coming out in April 2009? I am a runner and I get so tired of drinking water all the time, but I hate to drink sugary sports drinks. This new All Sports drink is sweetened with stevia instead of sugar and promises to be 100% natural and calorie free! I can’t wait to try it and see how it affects my running.

  2. This doesn’t sound right at all… sports drinks are meant to provide carbohydrates for endurance events like half marathons, marathons, cycling races, and triathlons.

    Sports drinks along with gels (and yes, people even real food like bananas) help to provide the carbs needed to sustain energy. People need roughly 60g carbs per hour – simple carbs – that’s sugars.

    What kind of races do you run where you look for zero calorie beverages? Hopefully, they are shorter races – like 5Ks.

  3. I agree with Margaret. Sometimes I want something other than water, and I was excited to hear about the All Sport Naturally Zero. I am also a diabetic, and so natural sugar substitutes are important tome. I have to avoid high fructose corn syrup and similar sugars. All Sport provides more potassium (which replaces the banana) Gatorade and powerade. Can’t wait to try it!

  4. i’m training for a marathon and i supplement my full sugar sports drinks with low calorie sports drinks throughout the week. i just save the full sugar for my saturday long runs. i tried all sport naturally zero, it still has electrolytes. if you keep up with your calories, you really need the most when you burn the most.

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