“Funky” Freeze-Dried Fruits

Funky Monkey’s PR agency asked me to review their new snacks. When they told me these were 100% fruit with no added sugars, preservatives, colors, or flavors I thought “gee, I have to try this cardboad”. So I accepted and got a 1-ounce packet of each of the snack flavors.

In short, they were really good. Sweet, crunchy (as promised), and very tasty. I really liked them. I put them down in no time. My favorite was the Jivalime – pineapple and lime juice. I think this would be great mixed in lowfat greek yogurt in place of granola I liked bananamon too. I thought this would be great mixed in with cheerios or added to a homemade trail mix.

I also think it is good news for parents looking for a convenient alternative to dried fruit when fresh fruit isn’t ideal – camping trips, long road trips, or just backup snacks. And for gluten-free fans, if you’re looking for a portable snack this one just might hit the spot.

My only complaint has nothing to do with the product quality. The press release mentions the following quote from the company’s President.

“For a lot of parents, it’s hard to get kids to eat fruit so this is a great alternative for those who otherwise might not eat sticky fruit”.

Here’s a piece of advice, when you are targeting kids and their health-conscious parents don’t ever pin fruit as the “enemy”. Hard to get kids to eat fruit? Hardly. Kids love sweet fruit. What’s with “sticky”? Sure some juicy fruits can get sticky, but so what… this product crumbles if you crush it and these crumbs can get everywhere!

As a future dietitian, I would not recommend this in place of fresh fruit kids like, but I would recommend it as another way to help kids reach their fruit goal, especially for convenience factor. This is an alternative to fruit imposters – the jellies and rolls marketed as a fruit snack, but really are comprised of little more than sugar and fruit juice.

Check out the website. If you want to give them a try, you can order online if they aren’t in your local stores. You can also e-mail me and I can put you in touch with the PR firm. I am not making promises here, but they might have samples or coupons.

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