Biggest Loser Million Pound Match Up – Share Your LiveSpaces URL and Set Up Tips

So maybe you saw the premiere of Biggest Loser 5 and you went to sign up for the million pound match up. I know some people were having problems setting up Windows Live Spaces to register for the contest. I know I have had issues getting the page with my MAC. I also know others were frustrated because they didn’t have a partner. Still others were annoyed because they expected more from the match up. It’s not as simple to set up and track progress as expected. I noticed the contest is not decided by who loses the most weight but they want people to blog thoughtfully and share experiences. I like this approach. Nevertheless, I think people got really excited about it and feel a bit let down.

I am still doing the match up with my mom although I may not maintain a LiveSpaces page. I only have so much time for blogging and I think I can be more productive using my own blog.

I wanted to create this post as a forum for people to share their LiveSpaces URL and also offer advice to people who would like to participate but need a little help getting it all set up. I hope people find it useful.

In the meantime, look for weekly blog posts on this site. I will try to LiveBlog each episode of BL5 (worst case I’ll blog about it as soon as I can watch the show) and I’ll offer nutrition tips, recipes, and workout strategies along the way. Please e-mail me questions you have and I will do my best to respond and blog about them. Each blog post will be tagged “Biggest Loser 5” and “Million Pound Match Up”.

I encourage everyone to post comments, thoughts, ideas, inspirations, links to You Tube videos of your experiences or links to your LiveSpace.

Let’s motivate each other!

29 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Million Pound Match Up – Share Your LiveSpaces URL and Set Up Tips

  1. When I set it up it was for one space and you give your teammate name and YOUR space URL. Your teammate can create a page but it will need a different URL and your teammate will need to give your name as the partner. This is if you want to win prizes.

    Like I said, I think most people are disappointed with the outcome of the million pound match up. It could have been so much more. I think they could have given a discount for the BL club and that would have been more effective. It is still early but I think people were expecting to network with each other.

  2. rebecca-

    I must not be very smart on the computer, becasuse I don’t know what your space url is? I don’t blog and I haven’t been to any chat rooms. what do I do to set this up, or where do I go.
    thanks for your help

  3. Well, we’ve set up a team site and we’re trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle put in place to meet the program requirements. We established a team site. I had MAJOR issues trying to set it up on my mac and eventually gave up. I think it’s sad that Microsoft and Mac can’t make their programs place nicely.

    Regardless of the computer issues, we’re continuing on. I agree that this could have been so much more and must admit that I also expected so much more. I expected networking and forums that looked more like the body for life website, but we’re going to give it a shot!


  4. Hi! I signed up for the match up…and I was told I would get a follow up email when the site was ready. I never got one and now I can’t find the website…can anyone tell me what the website is??


  5. Hi everyone,

    I’m doing this with a good friend of mine…we’ve got our space set up already, but it has been quite a trial! We had already started a separate blog of our own, and to have to have a second one is a bit overwhelming🙂

    It looks like a lot of us are starting to find each other and come up with a loose-knit sort of community, but it’s completely on our own…there’s no list published (that we’ve found anyway) of all of the different teams and their sites.

    For Korrie: – there’s a “register” link and you can go through there for a link to create a space. It’s pretty cumbersome, unfortunately.

    I’d be glad to offer tips for setting up the spaces from the techie end if anyone wants them – you can reach us through our URL. (Not sure I can help the Mac users though…your systems are just too advanced for this Microsoft stuff!)

  6. Jess, I agree… a true community is forming. There is no list published to my knowledge. I see the “match up” as a contest and promo opportunity that could have been much more. Maybe we should set up a blog solely for it???

  7. I am a MAC user and I am not having any luck with getting onto the website. I get the error message. “This page requires AC_RunActiveContent.js” It will not load the Biggest loser page. Any ideas on what a MAC user can do to access the website? I am using Safari.

    Very Frustrated

  8. I also am a bit frustrated the instructions are vague at best. at first I thought we were supposed to each have our own space and then after reading them again, it seemed that we were to have one team space. But when you sign up you don’t get any kind of confirmation that they have received your registration for the match up. We’re trying to make it creative like they ask and we are trying to blog regularly, I guess we will just keep plugging along and see where it goes. At least it is motivating us to move and lose weight.

  9. I signed up for the BL million pound match up as well and I was a little disappointed that they did not set up a site so you can see other peoples urls to get advice and encouragement. I am not sure how to even look up other URLs for the people in the contest. How do we know who won or if they are even looking up our URLs? I am a bit confused on the whole thing. But no matter what I am on my weightloss journey and excited to share it with everyone who is interested. So far I have lost 5lbs!!! Only 61 more to go!🙂

  10. Hi everyone…My partner & I just signed up today. We created the MSN “space” – one space for the two of us as a team. We haven’t posted anything yet though. I set up the inital site, but want my partner’s input as to the aesthetics of the page, then the game begins! I, too, am disappointed. Everything seems a bit vague – the actual website for the matchup (pre-regristration) is not very user- friendly or informative, or at least to me it’s not. Well, we are going to start Saturday (both our diet, exercise & blogging program), so we will see how it goes….More than the “contest” aspect of it, we both truly desire to lose weight, get fit, and lead a healthier life. We look forward to networking, and getting/receiving encouragement and motivation from the rest of the Million Pound Matchup Community. I’m also willing to give a “technical hand” to anyone who’s experiencing difficulty getting their space started (sorry, not MAC users). You can reach me by email at Good luck everyone!🙂

  11. We have our website up and running, and would love to be connected to any communities or interested in any new information you have on this contest! Thanks

    Michele & Andrea

  12. I too joined the Million Pound Match Up game today and was a bit confused on….well everything! I did get our page set up and did post a blog that included what they asked we post (weight loss goals, combined goal, reason for entering, how we plan to succeed and such) but I wasn’t sure if I was just supposed to blog that information of if I was to submit that somewhere else?!?

    I also would love to get connected to others doing the challenge but for the life of me can’t figure out how to find anyone?! My page addy is

    Any recommendations on how to find people playing?


  13. My friend Vicki and I just signed up the other day. I too had been told I’d be e-mailed when the site was functional, and never was. So we’re getting a late start, but we’re pumped.
    The biggest problems I’m having are: the vague instructions, no confirmation (so I’m not even sure that we’re really competing), no networking to keep me motivated or bring out my competitive streak, and the live space that I’ve managed to get going, won’t allow anything near 300 words in any spot other than a blog, so I’m not sure how to put that requirement onto my page, and lastly, my partner is 1,500 miles away, so getting a full length pic of the two of us isn’t likely to happen. So far, I’ve just set myself up, and given my partner the info she needs to set herself up.
    All in all… I’m still jazzed about all this.
    Good luck to everyone, and I’ll check in often here if anyone has any questions for me, or advice.

  14. By the way, you can visit our site at:

    and give us your tips, and any encouragement you may have.

  15. Here is our website ……..feel free to visit ours and add yours to our….we’ve had some difficulty getting it set up and it doesn’t look very “professional” but it will do🙂 Good luck to the rest of you!

  16. Oh here is another tech question….we want to add more boxes for different things on our site but I can’t figure out how to do it….I’ve tried it under adding modules but it only has certaing categories….not the one I wanted. I’m looking to add a box to track our weekly weigh ins but can’t figure out how to do it ……HELP PLEASE :_

  17. Michele
    I’d love to connect to you and your team. Next time you visit you’ll have to post your address, or you can visit us.

    To everyone else
    I logged on to today and went to their “contact us” and left the suggestion that they create a site for those of us who want to share our pages and help one another either nationally on, or at least localy on our individual communities nbc news station’s web sites so that those of us who want to connect, can. Maybe if some of you would do the same, they’d get one up and running for us. Till then though, I’ll just keep dropping by here!

  18. How do we get help on setting up our page?

    We set up a team page and spent several hours yesterday trying to finish it.

    How do we get the Biggest Loser Million Pound Challenge as the banner on our page.


  19. Wow, still VERY confused about these sites! I have a MYSPACE website and I thought this would be about the same – it might sorta look the same but it is so different (and difficult if you ask me!).
    I went to a few people’s sites that are listed here and asked to be your friend, hopefully I did it right! I have no idea how you’re supposed to invite friends otherwise. When you are on your own site and go to “Invite Friends” you have to know there email address! Well, where the heck are you supposed to find that?
    This seems so confusing that it makes it difficult to get motivated about it, although I’m trying.
    Thank you so much, Rebecca, for offering your site, you’ve done WAY more than the Biggest Loser in helping those of us that are confused!
    Again, a BIG thank you to you, Rebecca!

  20. Ok I just started the million pound match up today and I’m not sure how to work the space thing yet. I’m really good at myspace but this is a whole new thing. I want to know how to add all those fun things that I see on the other pages. Some one help please!!!!

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