These People Need Food, Dammit

I know I tend to focus on the overweight aspect of weight management and healthy eating on this blog. Amidst the media stories of “the obesity epidemic” and a few weeks later “obesity rates are leveling off” a story like this New York Times article comes along to shock me and give me a bit of a reality check. Food banks are running out of supplies – and fast. Fewer donations and less government funding has put the squeeze on most of the nation’s food banks and now they are rationing out foods.

“Donations are down, and people who need help is up,” said Liz Carter, executive director of the food bank. “So what are we going to do. We just made the decision that instead of giving people six or seven days worth of food, we’re going to give them three or four days of food, which is a drop in the bucket.”

I hate the thought of people going hungry in America, the “super size country”. I talked about the hunger/obesity paradox in this country in an earlier post. What’s the picture of a hungry person. It’s probably not what you had in mind, the poorest of the poor. In some cases, people have jobs but food costs are so high and their pay is so low they just need help making ends meet.

Consider volunteering or donating to a local food bank or America’s Second Harvest. They need you now more than ever!

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