Top 2008 Food Trends Predicted

I normally don’t pay too much attention to this stuff. But last year I read about probiotics and I thought to myself “this will never take off” and now you can’t get by the dairy counter without seeing dozens of probiotic foods from Danon Activia yogurt to Kraft LiveActive cheese.

 So what’s hot on the market for 2008? Topping the list are new applications for probiotics (yes, there’s still more places to put bacteria), organic food for kids, and bold flavors for aging taste buds.

  • Look for more bold, spicy foods and not just salsas! There is a yogurt drink in Portugal with chili peppers. Ay carumba!  In my personal opinion, bold is beautiful especially if spices replace some of the salt in the food.
  • Expect to see ramped up marketing of organic foods for children. This is due in part to all the attention of food advertising to kids. The question is are we talking organic pop tarts or organic vegetables? Here’s a good resource for the top 10 foods to buy organic.  
  • It’s a bird, it’s a plane… no it’s SUPERFRUITS… coming to a market near you the acai (berry or root – this one is probably thank to Oprah after she listed it as the #1 superfood. Hey, any berry that also tastes like chocolate is fine in my book!),  goji berries, noni and pomegranates (that was so like two years ago).
  • More helpful bacteria in the form of probiotics. Not a fan of yogurt or cheese? Not to worry… evidently there will be a new probiotic chocolate bar from Callebaut in 2008.
  • Crunchy, crispy foods. I don’t get this one… but the idea is that this makes up for the reduced calories and fat in foods. Sounds gimmicky to me.
  • Foods that promote sleep and stress reduction. In response to the connection between obesity and lack of sleep, food manufacturere are expected to provide products to enhance sleep. There is milk in Japan with melatonin to promote relaxation. A new beverage with gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), the amino acid lauded for its stress relieving properties is expected to hit store shelves in the US.
  • Who needs sleep? On the opposite side, foods with added caffeine are expected to grow as well and it will continue to be in unassuming places like potato chips, jelly beans and instant oatmeal.
  • Last, but not least: going green… and we’re not talking leafy greens. We’re talking the green that is the new pink… being kind to mother nature. More creative and environmentally friendly ways of producing packaged foods are also expected to become more widespread.

OK, that’s the list. Now it is wait and see… here’s the original article for more information.

10 thoughts on “Top 2008 Food Trends Predicted

  1. I’m not claiming I totally understand how this works, but I think that the GABA concentration in the brain is at leaste partly dependent on the ratio of carbohydrates to fat in the diet. The more fat that is burned for energy, the more GABA; the more carb, the less GABA. (Here’s a very jargony study that discusses this:

    So hypothetically (and only hypothetically — I’m unaware of any clinical trials or even epidemiological studies) you could take advantage of GABA’s stress relieving properties by eating a nice juicy steak with a pat of butter, hold the potatoes. In fact, I did that tonight, with cauliflower, carrots, onions, red peppers, and mushrooms on the side, and I actually do feel better!

    On the other hand, I’ll bet $100 that the GABA drink will be loaded with sugar or HFCS.

  2. Great post! Thanks for all the good work.

    Yes, I agree that probiotics will become bigger and bigger. You only have to look at how much zantac, axid, prolosec and antiacids like Maalox and gaviscon to see that the trend, sooner or later, would be to mass market the probiotics.

    Oprah has been giving a lot of the superjuice providers exposure on her show. So, we will see how it plays out. If you go into any Sam’s Club, you already see evidence of this in the nutritional juice market, but not the organic produce market.

    For years, you could get New Zealand lamb there – and it is the best that I’ve had – although Argentina lamb is very good too. Argentian beef in Sam’s? I doubt it will go that far.

    The green and raw movement are picking up steam. I’m looking forward to an exciting and thrilling year. Already planning my garden.

    Be well,

    Dr. Jack

  3. Interesting to see what will emerge in 2008. I am still waiting for the “beauty” foods they are already selling in Japan, like drinks with collagen for your skin and stuff like that.

  4. Great post!

    How about fiber? Soluble fibers like inulin (chicory or artichoke) fiber is showing up everywhere as a probiotic. Oat bran, flax seeds and even chia seeds (yes, those found on chia pets) are popping up everywhere. Chia seeds are supposed to have more omega-3 than flax or salmon. Who knew those ceramic pets held hidden secrets in plain view.

    At the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore last September, one of the big pushes seemed to be anti-inflamatory foods and supplements. Omega-3 was everywhere from supplements to chocolate truffles and coconut macaroons! Without making direct health claims, almost every vendor was blaming inflamation as the cause for many of today’s diseases.

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