Biggest Loser: Bernie’s Book

By Carlene Helble-Elite Nutrition Intern

We are sending a big “Congratulations!” to Rebecca’s Nurture Principles speaking partner, Bernie Salazar! He just completed Monstercise, his first children’s book, which hits stores in 2011.  In an interview with Extra Bernie said “It’s about getting America’s children nice and healthy using their imagination, playing a lot more.” See his interview and get inspired to get you and your little ones moving!

We can’t wait to see more and hope you keep a look out for it in 2011!

Speaking on a Big Stage

Yes, it’s true. Public speaking is feared more than death. Now, for me, I come alive on a stage. But don’t get me wrong. I’m really nervous and want to puke up until I hear the “Please welcome…”

In two weeks, my speaking partner and I, Bernie Salazar (NBC’s Biggest Loser Season 5 at-home winner) will be headed to New Orleans for some shrimp po’ boys and a major talk with families living with hemophilia.


See Us @ “Living Fit” Summit November 12, 2010 New Orleans

Sponsored By:

Thanks to Bayer for bringing the Nurture Principles message to families attending the National Hemophilia Foundation’s Annual Meeting.

Check out the postcards Bernie will be signing at the booth!


We’re also doing food demos and exercising with the whole conference room! Looking forward to meeting hundreds of people and changing some lives. Love me job!!!!!

Eat Like Bernie: Southwest Turkey Burger with Avocado

Bernie Salazar, at-home winner of The Biggest Loser (season 5) delivers this guest blog and video. Together with our resident nutrition guru, Rebecca Scritchfield, Bernie motivates audiences to make positive changes through The Nurture Principles.

Hey, hey! Bernie Salazar here… I’m so excited to share this video blog with you on one of my favorite foods I’ve been eating since losing 130 pounds on The Biggest Loser, The Amazing Avocado!

Watch me turn one of my old meals – burger and fries – into a delicious and nutritious Southwest Turkey Burger.

I love the creamy texture of avocados on my burger. Three slices have only 50 calories! Find out how else I incorporate avocados into my well-balanced eating plan in this video. Then, leave a comment and tell me how you like your avocado

Read more: Eat Like Bernie: Southwest Turkey Burger with Avocado

Eat Like Bernie Salazar: Southwest Turkey Burger with Avocado

NBC Photo: Dave Bjerke

Hey, hey! Bernie Salazar here… I’m so excited to be working with Avocados from Mexico and share this video blog with you on one of my favorite foods I’ve been eating since losing 130 pounds on The Biggest Loser — The Amazing Avocado!

Watch me turn one of my old meals – burger and fries – into a delicious and nutritious Southwest Turkey Burger.

I love the creamy texture of avocados on my burger. Three slices have only 50 calories! Find out how else I incorporate avocados into my well-balanced eating plan in this video. Then, leave a comment and tell me how you like your avocado.

Watch me make and enjoy my southwest turkey burger with avocado!

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Tune In to Biggest Loser and Look for Bernie

Chances are if you have “discovered” my website, you may have done a search on “The Biggest Loser” and found my post on the science behind the biggest loser diet or one of the other gagillion posts I wrote about the show.

Well, I’m asking you to tune in today May 5th, 2009 to watch me on the show! Hahahahaha…. just kidding…. I wish! But… you will watch Bernie Salazar and several other previous contestants. I have no idea how long Bernie will be on, but it will be great to see him doing his thing.

Only now, what’s even more great is that I can proudly call him my collaborator and more importantly — friend. We met doing some volunteer work on The Hill for physical education in schools and we just bonded – big time.

After many conversations and discussions about health, life, wellness, and sharing all our honest, personal stories about struggle and change, we felt a “calling” to do something and share our experiences with the world – and several months later – The Nurture Principles was born!


Here’s a sneak peek at what we have going on:

You can follow us on Twitter and sign up for our newsletter today on the Nurture Principles website.

Let me know what you think! I’m very excited about the future…

Big Tips from a “Big Loser”

Bernie Salazar is a MAJOR LOSER! Hs is probably one of the BIGGEST LOSERS I know… and that’s why anyone with ears should listen to what he has to say about achieving lasting health and wellness.

You see, Bernie used to have sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and pre-diabetes. Then he shed 130# on the reality show The Biggest Loser (season 5) and now he runs marathons. While he may not win them (don’t worry Bernie, I don’t win either), he still fiercely competes with the only opponent that matters – himself.

Bernie Salazar on Chicago Athlete's March Magazine

Bernie Salazar on Chicago Athlete's March Magazine

I had the pleasure of spending a few days in D.C. doing some advocacy work with Bernie. We were on the Hill representing ourselves as guests of Mizuno asking Congress to increase funds for the Carol M. White physical education program (PEP) so that more grants can be awarded. The truth is the government suggests at least 1 hr a day of exercise, yet, only 8% of schools actually comply with that by offering daily phys ed. It’s a real problem. We hope to be part of the solution. That’s why we took two days of our time to share our personal stories and expertise.

Team Mizuno Never Settles - Phys Ed for Kids Today!
Team Mizuno Never Settles – Phys Ed for Kids Today!
Bernie with some GWU students.

Bernie with some GWU students.

Besides bringing “PEP” to the Hill, Bernie made a huge splash on the campus of George Washington University, where I teach sports nutrition. He spoke about his journey from “couch potato” to “marathoner”.  You can learn a lot from his life experiences and what he thinks is really important to realize a life of wellness.

Here are some of the highlights from his talk:

1. You’ll know when it’s time to change. Bernie talked about the various family, friends, doctors, and yes, even dietitians, who failed at trying to help him lose weight. He knew the little tricks to pretend like he was making changes when he really wasn’t. He described his “rock bottom” moment when he had a cupcake named after him at a famous Chicago bakery – “Bernie’s Boston Cream Cupcake”. He joked that he was probably invited to the wedding because he helped pay for it.

2. You can’t do it alone. You need to rely on family and friends for support. Bernie said it is hard to make so many lifestyle changes and the people you love can help provide motivation. On “campus”, you workout 8 hours a day so something has to drive you. My tip to add to that is TELL PEOPLE what you are trying to do. Verbalize your goals and ask for support.

3. Believe that you deserve the benefits of the new lifestyle. Bottom line, most people sabotage themselves because they can’t imagine they deserve a healthy lifestyle. They have kept up with old habits for so long that they really can’t see anything changing.

4. Set goals. Bernie strongly believes that you need to constantly set goals for yourself. This is what got him into marathoning. He thought, “if I commit to a marathon I will benefit from all that training and get a new sense of accomplishment.” He’s completed one marathon and one half marathon and has a list of races planned for 2009.

5. Ask others to join you. (I love this last one…) Bernie truly believes that health is not yours until you can give it to someone else. You should ask people to workout with you, run a race with you, and join you on your journey toward wellness.

When asked about his current “workout regimen”, Bernie says he just plays more. He means it too. Of course he works out, but he focuses on fun first. He doesn’t do a workout he dreads. He’d rather check out the outdoor scenery or the latest exercise gadget. He also said his nutrition secret is just portion control. He focuses on food as fuel to give him energy, not a drug to make him numb. So he gives priority to fresh, delicious foods. This works for him because he is in “maintenance mode” for his weight.

Look for more Bernie soon. He should be on an upcoming episode of The Biggest Loser this season. You can view his video blogs on

I have say it is so cool being a nutrition expert. Every day is different for me. I’ve had some very interesting opportunities. From this blog, to my recent baseball interview, to working with Bernie and Mizuno on policy, to my recent media training at American University… I think there are so many opportunities to use your voice and be heard. With the economy and health care on people’s minds, growing chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes, shrinking physical activity, crappy school lunches, and something called “going green” there is so much in our lives that involve nutrition. I plan to take 2009 to a whole new level with social media (I got a new HD flip cam) and mainstream media (I want to be on TV and radio). I’ve already written some print articles for a D.C. running magazine and I hope to take that to national pubs. Of course, there’s the private practice too.  Bottom line is being an RD rocks and I love that I get to share some of my experiences with you!

Happy RD day!

In health,


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