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I’m Rebecca Scritchfield, a food and nutrition expert and new mom to an adorable baby girl! This is my blog – Rebecca Thinks… it’s my personal “playground” for sharing my opinions, work experiences, and from time to time, personal adventures.

I Blog About…

I love to talk about the health trends and fads that sweep the Nation, and share the “tried-and-true” solutions that really work – based on actual evidence, science, and common sense. I like to post recipes here I’ve been trying — and creating for my family or a company I happen to be working with. You’ll likely find me talking about behavior issues related to staying healthy and happy (eating well, exercise, and stress management). I also like to share fun work projects, TV segments, and articles I’ve read or written I think others would like.

Since I was 7-years-old, I knew I wanted to “help people”. Who knew that meant I would end up a nutrition expert? Food is central to our lives. I love taking my knowledge and using it to help people change theirs.

Not Your “Average” Weight Management Nutritionist

I’m a proud registered dietitian. Even though there are over 70,000 of us, only a few do what I do – private practice in nutrition counseling and therapy – and even fewer subscribe to a weight-neutral, non-diet approach to their work like I do. What the heck does that mean? In a nutshell, I don’t diet and I don’t expect my clients to diet either. It’s no way to live and it doesn’t work. I prefer to focus on the person’s holistic health and wellness – physical and emotional. I’m weight neutral because I’m not going to judge my clients for what they weigh. Instead, I listen to why they are here to see me and I help them improve their lives. Many people want to eat healthier, learn new habits, and feel better. They need a coach who isn’t going to give them the same old stuff they’ve seen before. I’ve helped many people change their lives and beat their issues with food. When people lose weight, I help them realize the weight loss came from a side effect of changing their habits.

My Core Beliefs

  • We need to take care of ourselves every day. We need to make the time for it. We’ll be more present in life when we take it. I call this philosophy “Me First”. Learn more about “Me First” and take the pledge!
  • Nourishment is about giving your body the quality and balance of food it needs to feel good physically and help you perform optimally in your life.
  • There is no “perfect” way to eat.
  • Eating is a natural biological process. We should not feel guilty for doing it.
  • Nobody really wants to diet, they just think they have to.
  • There is no such thing as “all or nothing.”
  • It’s not what you weigh, it’s what you do that matters more to your health. Change your habits and let your weight be the side effect.
  • Deprivation and restriction are enemies of wellness. You can’t possibly be healthy while neglecting your body’s needs.
  • Everyone can change.

I carry this philosophy through my nutrition and weight management counseling, media appearances, speaking engagements, corporate wellness programs, and my life.


Rebecca Scritchfield is a Washington, D.C. based registered dietitian and fitness expert specializing in helping people build healthy lifestyles through her work in nutrition counseling, professional speaking, and media communications. Rather than encouraging people to diet, she helps them learn eating skills that balance individual nutrition needs, hunger, satiety, appetite, and pleasure.

Rebecca believes that a person’s self care behaviors predict health, not the number on the scale. She has helped thousands of people change their lives by finding exercise that feels great, learning to manage stress, and establishing balanced eating habits. In line with her “Me First” philosophy, which encourages daily self-care of food, movement, and fun.

A graduate of The Johns Hopkins University, Rebecca has reached millions through television, radio, print, and web including: Today Show, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, The Washington Post, O Magazine, Prevention, Women’s Health, and Runner’s World. She is an ACSM certified Health and Fitness Specialist and a certified Intuitive Eating Pro. She is recognized as one of the “top 10 nutrition influencers online” by Sharecare. In 2009, she was honored by Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as “Young Dietitian of the Year.”


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34 Responses

  1. great blog ! i wont tell u what i had for diner..lol see you soon

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    If you like to read stories about food politics from the other side of the Atlantic, you might like to check out my blog. I guess we’ve got a few commun “concerns”…nutrition transition, agro-ecology, personalised nutrition etc.
    All the best,

  3. Rachel –

    Great to meet you… I will definitely check it out!

  4. Wow!!! How proud are we?? Hank and I are so impressed. Good job!! I promise to put your concerns in my life so I get back to being healthy so I can live a long, long time cause I ain’t done pestering you guys yet!!

  5. Wow! I didn’t realize all those years in school came out to so much :-) Maybe I need to start talking more to you about losing weight. I am starting the gym with my sister. Any suggestions???

  6. In reviewing your bio to post again on Shaping Youth, feel free to add your credentials as a Shaping Youth Nutrition Correspondent for our blog! :-)

    p.s. I just ‘friended’ Johns Hopkins Univ. on Facebook…didn’t know institutions had their own profiles! ;-)

  7. nice blog rebecca – cant wait to explore it in more detail -regards from down under – trevor (teddesampa) from naturmama.com

  8. I think I am going to add you to my blog roll. You mind?

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  11. Hi Rebecca this is sesha your blog is Superb.I also write a Lot of things related to Medicine and new Technology in medicines visit my Weblog http://www.seshdotcom.wordpress.com

  12. hi. this is a very nice blog. thanks for sharing great health ideas :-)

  13. Good blog. I added it to my blogroll at http://charlesgoldman.wordpress.com/

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  18. Hi Rebecca,

    Very nice blog! I found you at Google and you are very nice inspiration.

    If you like we can exchange links between our health blogs :)

    Thanks for your valuable info.


  19. great blog ! i wont tell u what i had for diner..lol see you soon..
    Wow!!! How proud are we?? Hank and I are so impressed. Good job!! I promise to put your concerns in my life so I get back to being healthy so I can live a long, long time cause I ain’t done pestering you guys yet!!….
    San Antonio Dentist

  20. Great blog! No doubt that this one is going in my blogroll at http://recipiesaroundtheweb.wordpress.com.


  21. Hi Rebecca,

    I wanted to thank you for your thoughts on the HCG diet protocol. I have many misgivings about this and, unfortunately, I’m seeing more and more health professionals starting to use it for weight loss in their patients.

    I’m curious, what are your thoughts on Naturopathic Medicine? Perhaps I should clarify – Naturopathic Physicians that have graduated from an accredited university. I know there is still a lot of mis-information about our profession – particularly because some people are out there callings themselves doctors without having a degree or passing medical boards. I ask because it is my belief that if RDs and NDs – along with other alternative practitioners – would work together, we could do wonderful things for our patients.

    Anyway, thank you for your blog. Have a great day!

    Dr. Sandy Colvard, NMD

  22. can’t wait to continuously read your blog as im learning more about nutrition and health. im wondering is there any nutrition tht more into raw food nutrition. we’re raw food family (not 100%) more to raw food and little of vegan. Best Wishes from Indonesia :-) please visit me at http://greenmommyshop.wordpress.com/

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  26. Wow, great blog! I was just starting a personal nutrition blog and was seeing what was out there in the nutrition cyber world…and I am soooo impressed with this site. Keep up the great work, I’ll be chcking in to see what else is new over your side of the world.

  27. [...] is been borne by all the above: what is the best diet for a chess-player, a sportsman? According to Rebecca Scritchfield (among others), following a healthy diet can be a key method of preventing heart disease. We can [...]

  28. I don’t often get the chance to say this – but I love what you stand for, and your beliefs as a weight management professional! I will definitely come around more often to check out your posts!

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  30. Rebecca – on FOXNEWS on 2012-05-07 at 4:45p, you were discussing sodas. I was surprised to not hear you talk about the salt-sodium intake from MOST diet sodas and Coke&Pepsi “Zero” brands being very misleading. Actually the ONLY soda in most venues that are diabetic-approved is DietRite.

  31. We are so impressed,you’re just awesome!

  32. I’ve just found your blog and I’m impressed. Full of quality information and and some great-looking recipes I’ll have to try.

  33. Yo Rebecca! Congratulations on your blog project! Excellent! Saw your low fat tuna recipe and want to ask if possible to email it to me? I am going to try to provide a healthy spread for about 20 to 25 staffers at the Chattanooga Fox TV station mid-day this Friday (8-24). Tried copy/paste and my apple hand unit won’t play nice. So… Looks 1) light 2) tasty 3) low guilt 4) simple 5) easy and 6) healthy! :) Keep running and rocking the web! Thank you, Peace! R Jackson

  34. hi! I’m a high school student who aspiires to be a wellness coach, I really enjoy your blog, I’ve just stumbled across it and look forward to reading more (:

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