Add Avocados to Your Balanced Diet

As a dietitian, people always want to know what they can do to eat well. Healthful eating is easy if you focus on choosing foods that have good nutrition for the calories. By filling your shopping cart with a variety of vegetables and fruits, you can be sure you are getting a good nutritional “bang for your buck.”

I love avocados, with nearly 20 vitamins and minerals in a one-ounce (3 slice) serving, and I’m excited to be working with Avocados from Mexico. Watch this video to learn why avocados are tops on my “nutrition list” and get a few ideas for including avocados in easy-to-make meals and snacks.

There are endless possibilities to include avocados in your eating plan. Avocados from Mexico are available year round too!

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6 Responses

  1. I’m so happy I saw this today after bringing an avocado into work for lunch! :)

  2. Great Video! Avocados are one of those foods that I have been forcing myself to like. I know they are so good for you, but I think it’s the texture that gets to me :/

    • have you tried guacamole? try the amazing avocados website for recipes! I loved slices on sandwiches!

  3. Read what you were writing about avocados and found it to be really helpful in my own blog!


    • I love avocados — have you tried them with lemon olive oil? MMMmmm…

  4. [...] divulged to my readers, avocados have many wonderful delicious uses in food and in our daily diets. These versatile fruits can add a creamy, buttery texture or flavor to most summer dishes. They are [...]

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