California Walnuts Harvest Tour


By: Michelle Burton, RD at Capitol Nutrition Group and Rebecca Scritchfield Media, LLC

Last week I had the pleasure of venturing out to Sacramento and the California Central Valley for the California Walnuts Harvest Tour. I experienced the autumn walnut harvest first hand, sampled a number of AMAZING dishes featuring this star ingredient, and learned about new research that’s coming out related to walnuts. I hope you’ll enjoy this brief photo journal of my trip, and that it will inspire you to incorporate walnuts into your everyday!

Walnuts Shaking

Donald Norene, his wife, and his son all took us on a tour of their family’s walnut orchard — Norene Ranches. They have a spectacular 750 acres of his farm dedicated to walnuts. He explained that you know when the walnut trees are ready for shaking when you can throw one on the ground and it’s outer shell comes right off. They showed us the tree shaking live which was very cool. It was wonderful getting to taste fresh walnuts right off the tree.

walnut sweeping

After the walnuts are shaken off the trees, they’re swept into piles, “vacuumed” up, and shuttled to a central location for the next step in their harvest journey — hulling.

walnut hulling

The walnuts arrive at the huller where the green outer shell is removed along with other sticks and debris. Then they’re cleaned, dried, and loaded into trucks to be sent to the local processing plant (which we were also able to tour). It was amazing to see the technology involved with sorting, shelling and packaging the walnuts for commercial distribution.

walnut orchard lunch

Wine & Roses put together a beautiful lunch for us in the orchard featuring a number of dishes that showcased the unique flavor and versatility of walnuts. It started with a caramelized onion, fig and walnut flatbread, followed by a squash, apple and walnut slaw salad, then a walnut quinoa salad with grilled chicken, and the finale was THE best caramel walnut cheesecake that I’ve EVER had. I’ll be sure to share that recipe once I get my hands on it!

walnut cooking demo

We came together again that evening for a food demo by Chef and Owner of Mulvaney’s B&L Restaurant, Patrick Mulvaney. He prepared a roasted chili in walnut sauce, and we dined on a salad of heirloom tomatoes with chunky walnut pesto and fettuccine with walnuts and squash among other fabulous walnut creations. During a nutrition presentation by Registered Dietitian, Heidi Diller, I was intrigued to find out that new research is coming out showing a potential link between walnuts and increased fertility in men. They’re planning to continue research in this area, but definitely some promising information!

Looking to satisfy your walnut craving?

You can find a number of easy and delicious recipes on the California Walnuts website at


Disclosure: My attendance at the California Walnuts Harvest Tour was sponsored by California Walnuts, but I was not compensated to write this blog.

Fun Food Ideas for Fall Tailgating, Getaways, and Entertaining

Yesterday I appeared on Baltimore’s WBAL to share some great fall food ideas for the season’s events! Fall is here and that means football parties, weekend getaways, and outdoor entertaining. Click below to watch the full clip, or read on for highlights on some fun and flavorful ideas to blend a little health and happiness into your gathering!

Fall Foliage is Here – Hit the Road!

You can’t miss the colors of fall. Plan a day trip or a weekend getaway to take in the beauty that nature has to offer.  In the D.C. area alone, I love visiting Rock Creek Park and Great Falls, Virginia. (I got engaged in Great Falls in October many moons ago. It was beautiful).

You know that feeling when you need to get gas, eat and hit the road in a span of 5 minutes? Well, you can hit 7-Eleven and be on your way.

Fresh Food Line at 7-Eleven

711The Fresh Food line at 7-Eleven makes it convenient to eat a healthy bite while on-the-go. The Fresh Foods line offers sandwiches, wraps, salads, whole and fresh cut fruit and yogurt parfaits, all made fresh.

  • Fresh Salads: 7-Eleven’s salads are available in 4 different varieties all under 500 calories. They come in easy and portable packaging, which makes them a great lunch option. Plus, they’re very affordable at $3.99.
  • Sandwiches: 7-Eleven’s sandwiches are all prepared locally and delivered fresh every day. They are made with fresh ingredients including premium meats and fresh-blended spreads.
  • Seasonal Fruit: 7-Eleven has several quick and healthy snacks options to grab on the go including fresh cut fruit and whole fruit, including everything from pineapple and mixed melon to grapes and bananas.
  • Snacks: 7-Eleven has a fresh selection of snack options including hard boiled eggs, yogurt parfaits, and carrot and celery packs with dips.

Next time you’re in your local 7-Eleven, forgo the doughnut and grab one of these great new options!

Tailgate with Flavor Using McCormick Recipes

McCormickWith special dietary needs such as eating gluten-free, parties can be a special challenge. For tailgates, like the big Ravens game this weekend, the seven-layer fiesta dip made with McCormick Taco Seasoning is great. Now available gluten-free, this is something you can bring or serve and enjoy with the rest of the crowd. It pairs perfectly with tortilla chips or other gluten-free snacks. Or, try the Chicken Lettuce Wraps, a nice change of pace from traditional tailgating fare. Made with McCormick’s Gluten-Free Turkey Gravy mix, it’s loaded with colorful toppings like shredded carrots, red bell pepper and peanuts. With Thanksgiving coming, Turkey Gravy is a great seasoning mix to have on hand for a foolproof gluten-free gravy in just five minutes. Have your gravy at-hand with ease and without worry.

Also, if you’re entertaining and looking to try a new recipe, McCormick has a digital service called Flavor Print that creates personalized recipe and flavor suggestions tailored to your likes and dislikes. Take the thinking out of the process and focus on the fun!

Entertaining your Friends and Family with Zespri Kiwifruit

ZespriBring one last burst of summer flavor to the table. Zespri Kiwifruit are only available through the end of October, so now is the time use them. “Wow” your guests with this tasty kiwifruit and prosciutto crostini. It’s easy and delicious! Just top crostini with herbed goat cheese and prosciutto-wrapped kiwi. Green kiwifruit is probably what you’re familiar with, but there’s also Zespri SunGold variety. It has a sweet, refreshing tropical flavor and it’s newly available in the U.S.

Zespri kiwifruit are nutrition “powerhouses” and two kiwifruit have more vitamin C than an orange and as much potassium as a banana. Two SunGold kiwifruit have 2.5 times the daily-recommended amount of vitamin C.

You can even use kiwifruit in cocktails and mocktails like this Southern Cross SunGold Kiwifruit Cocktail. It’s so colorful and flavorful, the perfect recipe for a fun evening! Be sure to take advantage of this delicious fruit while you still can!

A Healthier Halloween with Wonderful Pistachios

WonderfulPistachiosFor snacks when you’re entertaining, nothing could be easier than putting out a bowl of Wonderful Pistachios. A recent Neilsen Survey showed that Americans love salty snacks like chips and cheese most. Pistachios hit the spot because they taste salty, but they also deliver on nutrition. They are among the highest protein and fiber content nuts with three times the protein and fiber compared to chips. And with Halloween around the corner, pistachios are a great pre-trick or treat snack to energize them with something healthy.

On the big night, hand out snack size packs of Wonderful Pistachios. It may not be candy, but everyone loves pistachios. If they need convincing, tell them pistachios taste great with a bite of chocolate. Look for the single-serve packages that are perfectly portioned to satisfy savory snack cravings, a mini-sized (1 oz.) pack of Wonderful Pistachios having 80 calories, 3 grams protein and 2 grams fiber. Kids have fun cracking them open, and these portable and convenient packages are also a smart snack for a weekend getaway road trip. Have them ready to go or pick them up along the way at most gas stations and markets.

For more information on these delicious, healthy and easy options, visit their websites at,,, and Remember to follow them on Twitter using @McCormickSpices @ZESPRIkiwifruit @getcrackin (for Wonderful Pistachios) and @7eleven.

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or send a tweet to @ScritchfieldRD to share your favorite fall recipes and activities.

Disclosures: I was compensated by Zespri Kiwifruit, 7-Eleven, McCormick Spices, and Wonderful Pistachios for my work on the TV segment, but was not compensated to write this blog.

My Samba with Sabra

Written By: Lindsey Earl, Dietetics Graduate Student, Eastern Michigan University

As Rebecca’s intern, I had the privilege of attending a “hummus summit,” if you will, held by the popular hummus makers, Sabra. This gathering marked the opening of their “pop-up” restaurant “Hummus House” in Georgetown, Washington D.C. First, if you don’t know what a pop-up restaurant is (I certainly didn’t), it’s a temporary restaurant available for a limited time. In the case of Hummus House, it will be open just four weeks, for lunch and dinner, through October 26th. During this gathering, a collection of very knowledgeable Sabra representatives met with a diverse group of nutrition and food experts to discuss (and eat) hummus.

I’ll be honest, when I heard I was attending a meeting to talk about hummus, I wasn’t expecting a riveting and heated debate over the present state of the chickpea. What I was pleased to find was a very colorful and passionate sharing of information and ideas on a topic we all love. Hummus was simply the reason to talk about it. So while we munched on (shocker!) hummus, we learned a little more…actually a lot more…about this nutritious but sometimes unfamiliar food.

What the heck is hummus anyway?

The basic formula for hummus includes primarily ground cooked chickpeas, oil, tahini (ground sesame seeds), and is typically seasoned with garlic and a bit of salt. Chickpeas carry the most weight for making hummus what it is, so our discussion went on to help familiarize us with this vegetable…um, protein, er, grain? Wait…what is it anyway?

Every member of the panel was asked to give their opinion on what category the chickpea fell into and, it turned out, the vote was split! 8 people thought it was a vegetable, 8 thought it was a grain, and 8 thought it was a protein. Guy Johnson, Ph.D. put our confusion at ease by explaining that nutritionally, it actually falls under several categories, including the ones we chose. He went on to reveal quite the nutritional wrap sheet, which included (in ½ cup serving) 7.5 grams protein, 50% of daily fiber requirements, 250 mg potassium, appreciable amounts of minerals magnesium and manganese, and a significant proportion of resistant starch, to name a few.

Sabra Speakers Take the Floor

A Food Scientist Helps us with the Science – Guy Johnson, Ph.D.

As a former biology major and current nutrition student, the science-y portion of Guy’s presentation was what I really “geeked out” about. Recent research has shown a low glycemic response from chickpeas and apparent correlation to decreased LDL (bad cholesterol). Further, studies have also shown that those who eat hummus are also increasing their vitamin and mineral, fiber, and polyunsaturated fatty acid intake. This isn’t solely from the hummus, this is also from the vegetables these people are eating WITH the hummus. So, incorporating hummus into someone’s diet can actually help them eat more vegetables, which is almost always a good thing.

A Counseling Dietitian’s Perspective – Rebecca Scritchfield, MA, RD, LD


Cue Rebecca. Sharing the real-life and counseling view of hummus’s role in an American’s diet, she shed some light on not only its nutritional benefits, but its convenience, versatility, and simplicity as well. Assuring her clients they “can’t mess it up,” hummus is a nutrient-dense food that can be taken to work or school with vegetables as a snack, used in place of peanut butter for peanut allergies, and can replace cheese or mayonnaise to healthy-up just about anything you could think to put it on. In short, it’s an easy addition to healthy eating habits that doesn’t require significant time, effort, or thought.

I think this convenience aspect is hugely important. How often do we hear “I don’t have time for that” as a reason for just about anything? In a current world where it takes a lot more money to fill up the gas tank, and a second (or third, or fourth…) job to put food on the table, the last thing you should have to say this about, is your health. As a future dietitian in today’s busy world, my responsibilities have grown to emphasize how to fit achievable healthy eating into someone’s lifestyle. The Sabra panel proved this point yet again.

The Possibilities are Endless –  Chef, Mary Beth Albright

The chef behind the Hummus House dishes, Mary Beth Albright, shared her mission in creating the restaurant’s menu. She wanted to open visitor’s minds to the limitless faces of hummus. We learned that in Mediterranean communities, hummus restaurants are open early, as this food is no stranger to breakfast. Topping their morning oatmeal with hummus, Mediterranean people are consuming a hearty nutrient-packed meal that can keep them satiated for hours. She wanted to illustrate how much just changing the temperature can alter a food. Serving hummus warm, instead of the typical refrigerated form, can change the flavor profile completely. Our eyes lit up as the conversation explored the many delicious possibilities for this already tasty food.

Food and nutrition reaches out to such a diversity of communities, it’s difficult for a single entity to anticipate and comprehend all of their opinions and needs. So why not bring people from a variety of communities together for each to share their unique viewpoint. This was what we did! Internet bloggers, chefs, and food service experts alike, shared how they have observed hummus to be represented and perceived in their respective communities.

This turned out to be just as fascinating as the science for me. It seems that as Americans, we have a bit of hummus-fear. This is a food well seated in Mediterranean cultures, but not so much in the land of steak and potatoes. Most understand hummus to be a dip, and that’s about as far as their knowledge goes. So, those at Sabra learned more about something they already knew. They, as the hummus experts, need to educate the unfamiliar public about the possibilities for this emerging food. What I learned, is that it’s part of our job too. As dietitians, we know this is a food our clients can benefit from. From salad dressings, to oatmeal, grilled cheese paninis, and stuffed fruit, this panel certainly taught me how to help them do that.

Sharing Their Passion – Laurie (from Sabra)


I mentioned earlier that this was a passionate group of people. One of the big highlights of the panel included a presentation on chilies by Laurie (from Sabra), to introduce the relatively new salsas Sabra has developed. Learning quite a bit of facts about different types of chilies (pre-dates the apple in the Americas!), we also learned that certain recipes of these salsas were developed specifically for those people who are proud “heat addicts.” This is going to get Bill Nye for a second, but it turns out capsaicin, the chemical in chili peppers that gives them their “heat,” stimulates the Trigeminal nerve in the brain. This nerve then creates what is known as a feedback loop, allowing us to feel pleasure in response to a sensation that burns. Thus…a heat addict is born! IMG_0977It was a pleasure to be in the presence of so many people who share the same passion and positivity about what they do. I believe this is where amazing things come from.

The Hummus House in Georgetown is meant to be a pilot restaurant. With success will come additional pop-ups, maybe even in your own town! In the meantime, take a trip to the Sabra Hummus House in Georgetown, and experience for yourself what the people at Sabra are so passionate about!

To read more from Rebecca about Hummus House dishes and nutritional benefits, check out her blog entry, Sabra Pop-Up Restaurant “Hummus House” Opens in Georgetown.

Follow the fun and keep up on social media updates with Twitter hashtag #sabrahummushouse.

Welch’s Vineyard Tour and Harvest Event


By: Alison Sacks, RD at Capitol Nutrition Group and Rebecca Scritchfield Media, LLC

This week I had the exciting opportunity to travel to Richland, Washington to participate in the Welch’s Vineyard Tour and Harvest Event to discover all the goodness of Concord grapes and how grape juice is made! This unique region of Washington, located in the Yakama Valley is one of the top producers of Concord grapes and is absolutely beautiful! The experience was wonderful to see the harvesting process during peak season and get to know the farmers behind the Welch’s brand.  IMG_0201

Welch’s dates back to 140 years ago, when Thomas Bramwell Welch decided to serve Concord grape juice instead of wine at his church. He later went on to bottle the first pasteurized juice using Concord grapes that has become a common household name to so many of us.  The oldest Welch’s grape vine dates back to 1849 in Concord, MA and to this day is still producing berries. (Now that’s sustainability!)


Welch’s grower explaining the unique seed of the Concord grape that contains 77% of the polyphenols.

Family Famers: The Heart of Welch’s

At the heart of Welch’s are 1,000 family farmers who know that quality starts in the fields. For many of these farmers, it’s where their families and livelihoods have grown for generations. We spent the afternoon with Farmer Tim Grow whose first Welch’s memories date back to his childhood helping his grandfather on the family vineyard, where today his own two daughters lend a helping hand on the same family vineyard.


Concords are sweet, tangy, bold purple grapes that need a special climate to grow – specifically, chilly areas.

What Makes a Concord Grape Great

For starts Concord grapes are berries! What makes them distinct from most table or wine grapes are its bigger berries and seeds and deep purple slip-skin. Purple is a cue that fruits and vegetables have plant nutrients called polyphenols that can help promote health, especially heart health (the darker the purple, the more polyphenols).

Berry polyphenols act as antioxidants, helping to protect our healthy cells from the damaging effects of oxidative stress. The majority of polyphenols are found in the thick skins and seeds of the Concords that are usually discarded when eating, which is why pressing Concords into juice helps to concentrate and preserve the heart healthy polyphenols.

Concord grapes are also an important ingredient in heart health. Decades of research has shown when 100% Concord grape juice is drunk consistently it helps support healthy blood vessels by increasing the flexibility of arteries for healthy blood flow. Studies also show Concords may also provide an anti-clotting effect similar to red wine and may help manage the effects of LDL or “bad,” cholesterol by keeping arteries free and clear of excess plaque build-up.

Check out this neat infographic on different ways you can pump up the purple in your diet.

Delivering the Fruit to the Glass


The treat tank where heat and enzymes are added to help extract the heart healthy polyphenols from the skin and seeds of the Concords.


A glimpse inside the belly of the grape harvester.

The Concord grape harvest is short and sweet, lasting only about 30 days between September and October. Due to climate variables, no two years of grape growing are alike but what makes Welch’s unique is their ability to blend grapes from multiple growing regions to deliver that consistent field-fresh flavor.

100% grape juice is made with nothing but whole Concord grapes-seeds, skin and all. From the time the Concords are picked in the fields they are inspected, washed and pressed into juice within 8 hours. During the pressing process the Concords are treated with heat and enzymes, which extracts the heart-healthy polyphenols from the grape seeds and skins and is releases into the juice.

Translating the Grape Science


Sampling a taste of the day’s harvest! Delicious!

We know less than 50% of Americans meet their daily fruit needs so adding 100% fruit juice can be a delicious and convenient way to help fill this gap. Including ½ cup of 100% fruit juice as part of a meal or snack is a simple way to help get in an extra serving of fruit and support a healthy heart. While fresh fruit contains more fiber per serving, consuming fruit in any form still delivers that same health promoting vitamins and minerals. Health experts agree that when 100% fruit juice is added as a compliment to whole fruit intake, consumption can actually double or triple.

8 ounces of 100% Concord grape juice provides 250 mg of polyphenols and contains more than 40 grapes. Its equal to 2 servings of fruit and high in immune boosting vitamin C and a good source of potassium-a key mineral important in regulating blood pressure.

One Juice-So Many Uses

Adding 100% fruit juice to your diet is an affordable and convenient way to help support a healthy lifestyle. Its year-round-availability and flavor variety makes it an easy way to sip sensibly or add to dishes. Look for labels that contain “100% fruit juice” or “No added sugar” and read ingredient labels to make sure they do not contain any added sweeteners or artificial ingredients. Looking for other ways to get creative with Concord grape juice?

  1. Add it to your grains! Make oatmeal or quinoa with 100% grape juice instead of water.
  2. Add a splash of 100% juice to seltzer water for a tad of sweetness.
  3. Make ice pops in the summertime or freeze into ice cubes to add to beverages.
  4. Dress up your favorite greens with a homemade salad dressing using 2 parts heart-healthy oil, 1 part of your favorite vinegar, and a splash of 100% grape juice.
  5. Cook with 100% grape juice instead of red wine.

Thirsty for More?

What are some of your favorite ways to use 100% juice? Feel free to share your favorite recipes by leaving a comment below. You can also follow the hashtag #DiscoverConcordGrapes and visit Welch’s Heart Healthy Recipe site for more flavorful ways to use 100% Concord grape juice.

Disclosure: My attendance at the Welch’s Vineyard Tour and Harvest Event was sponsored by Welch’s but I was not compensated to write this blog.

Sabra Pop-Up Restaurant “Hummus House” Opens in Georgetown


Yesterday I was on ABC7’s “Let’s Talk Live” to share some exciting news! This week, the Sabra food company, makers of the nation’s best selling hummus, opened a “pop-up” restaurant, “Hummus House,” featuring creative and delicious dishes containing all things hummus. Located at 1254 Wisconsin Avenue NW in Georgetown, hummus fans can enjoy one of their favorite foods in a restaurant atmosphere. The Sabra Hummus House is open now through October 26th, so take advantage while you can! You’ll be SO SURPRISED with what you can do with hummus (hummus dressing anyone??), so don’t miss it!

You can watch the full clip below, read on for highlights, or head to Georgetown before October 26th to experience the Sabra Hummus House for yourself!

What is Hummus?

The primary ingredient of hummus is the chickpea. Mixed with tahini (ground sesame seeds), oil, garlic, and a bit of salt, this paste makes a great dip for pita chips or spread for a twist on your typical sandwich. That’s the traditional format of these foods, but from there you can take it to really interesting flavor combinations like the ones I share below! In addition to it’s amazing flavor, it’s also nutrient-rich, providing plant proteins, fiber, and the “good fats,” unsaturated fats. It is also a good source of iron, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin folate.

IMG_0974The Hummus House Signature Dish “East Meets West”

Hummus House’s signature dish really illustrates the exciting things you can create with hummus. It’s a modern twist with unexpected flavor combinations. Starting with (you guessed it!) hummus, you get a sampling of different flavors. First, try it topped with edamame, crystallized ginger, and sesame oil. In the next, you’ll find it topped with roasted pepitas and pumpkin oil, the perfect fall flavor combination! And finally, you have rosemary-roasted chickpeas with preserved lemon. All these samplings are served with warm pita.

IMG_0972Get More Veggies with Hummus

IMG_0975We know most people don’t meet their daily vegetable needs, and hummus can be a delicious way to improve vegetable consumption. Not only are chickpeas, the star of hummus, considered a vegetable, but the dip is also a great addition TO vegetables. At home, pairing Sabra hummus with your family’s favorite vegetables would be a smart after school snack for kids or a snack you can take to work and munch on all week.

At Hummus House, you can get more veggies by ordering another signature dish, the “Hummus Plate.” This dish features warm and chunky hummus served on a platter with local vegetable crudité, roasted red pepper, guacamole, and roasted red pepper. Delicious!

Get Creative with Hummus

Another thing I love about hummus is that it can be used in just about any way you can think of. Have you ever thought about putting hummus in your grilled cheese?

IMG_0971Order the Hummus Panini at the Sabra Hummus House and you can enjoy a twist on this family favorite. Made with melted mozzarella, fresh basil, roasted red peppers, and tomato, it’s great for the cooler fall weather. Or try the nutrient-packed Greens and Grains salad (pictured left), which gets creative by using hummus as a dressing to top farro, microgreens, seasonal vegetables, and romaine hearts.



Find out More and Stay Connected with Hummus House

For more information you can visit the Sabra Hummus House website or use #sabrahummushouse to follow them on Twitter. Don’t forget to check out the Sabra Hummus House, now open for lunch and dinner until October 26th at 1254 Wisconsin Avenue NW in Georgetown!

Disclosures: I was compensated by Sabra for my work on the TV segment, but was not compensated to write this blog.

Healthy Eating Tips to Build a Better Breakfast and Cholesterol Awareness Month

September is Build a Better Breakfast Month and Cholesterol Awareness Month. It’s a wonderful time to play around with new recipes and seasonal flavors and it’s even better when it’s good-for-you too. I recently appeared on WBAL to share some of my favorite ways to help you make better breakfasts and heart healthy meals. Check out the clip or continue reading to learn these cravable food ideas that will please the whole family!

Build a Better

Breakfast powers your potential at school, work or at play. So it makes sense to take a look at how we can Bran Muffinimprove during Better Breakfast Month. I love making sure that no matter what you’re serving up, that milk is on the menu too. All milk – including low-fat and fat-free, white and flavored – has the same 9 essential nutrients including 8 grams of high-quality protein. When we look at nutrients of concern most likely to be missing from kids’ diets – three of them: calcium, vitamin D and potassium – are all found in milk. So including milk, helps to ensure kids (and adults too) meet their needs.

One quick tip is to make your morning oatmeal with milk instead of water. A fall time favorite in my house is pumpkin oats, which is just plain oatmeal with milk, pumpkin puree, and a nut topping. I love recipes that use fruits, whole grains, and milk – like Whole Grain Raisin Muffins, which are great to make ahead on the weekend and have as an easy option in the morning rush. Build a better breakfast by discovering creative recipes at

Heart Smart Foods

GreenSuperFoodSalad_0091_rt1_HR_CROP-494x408Eating healthy and exercising are two important things you can do to keep your cholesterol in check. One tip for healthy eating is to get fruits and vegetables on about half your plate. I wanted to feature kiwifruit because it’s now season now and only available through October. BlackRiceSalad_0123_HR_CROP-494x345 It’s a versatile fruit that can be added into salads, used in marinades or enjoyed on its own. Green kiwifruit is probably what you’re most familiar with, but have you tried the Sungold kiwifruit? The Zespri Sungold kiwifruit variety has a golden yellow  color and a sweet, refreshing tropical flavor.

Zespri kiwifruit are nutrition “powerhouses”–two kiwifruit have more vitamin C than an orange and as much potassium as a banana and they’re high in fiber and cholesterol free. Two SunGold kiwifruit have 2.5 times the daily recommended amount of vitamin C. This “Shades of Green” superfood salad is made with mixed greens, edamame, pistachios, cucumbers, and organic green kiwifruit. Enjoy it as a colorful side or make it a meal by adding any lean protein, like fish or shrimp. For a colorful addition to your meal try this beautiful Black Rice Salad with Kiwifruit and Cashews. It has beautiful contrasts of color and flavor with red strawberries, green mint and Sungold kiwifruit. Visit for more great nutritious recipes.

Heart Smart Your Cooking Oil

As the weather gets cooler, I start to look for more ways to enjoy cooked vegetables. I love to sauté them in a little bit of oil and garlic to let their natural flavors come out. A recent study found corn oil can help lower cholesterol more than extra virgin olive oil. Mazola corn oil is a heart healthy oil that has more cholesterol blocking plant sterols than other oils, 4x more plant sterols than olive oil and 40 percent more than canola oil.lemon salmon I often use Mazola corn oil to sauté my veggies, or you can try it in any marinade or follow a recipe. You get the heart health benefits from Mazola plus fish and vegetables with this Honey Lemon Glazed Salmon with Spinach Sauté. Visit and browse the heart healthy recipe library where you can find something for everyone to enjoy.

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or send a tweet to@ScritchfieldRD to share your favorite ways to build a better breakfast and  favorite fall time activities to keep you heart healthy!

Disclosures: I was compensated by Milk Life, Mazola, and Zespri Kiwifruit for my work on the TV segment, but was not compensated to write this blog.

Food Ideas for Fall Fun

Fall is just around the corner and that means football parties, weekend getaways, and outdoor entertaining.  This week I appeared on Let’s Talk Live DC to share some of my fun and flavorful ideas to blend a little health and happiness into your fall gatherings. Watch the clip below or read on to learn more delicious fall food ideas.

Take Nutrition To-Go images index

Starting with the weekend getaway, whether you do a day trip to a local farm for apple picking or overnight at a B&B, nutrient-rich road trip snacks help keep you feeling full and satisfied. I love packing Sargento Natural Cheese Snacks for a delicious and convenient snack option that’s portion controlled. Sargento Natural Cheese Snacks are a natural source of high-quality protein offering 4-8 grams of protein per serving to help keep your body fueled. They are available in 15 delicious varieties, including the Sargento Natural String Cheese, which actually contains MORE PROTEIN than a serving of almonds or a hard-boiled egg. Another favorite in my house is the Sargento Natural Reduced Fat Colby-Jack. With the fresh flavor of real cheese, they’re a wholesome snacking option that doesn’t sacrifice on taste. Check out the Smart Snacker tool at Sargento to build your own snacks pairings.

Take Nutrition To-Go proimages

You also want to pack fruits for your weekend getaways. One food I’m loving right now is Sunsweet’s D’Noir Prunes, which are picked from among the best tasting “California reserve” prunes and packed without preservatives for an amazingly fresh flavor. They are an excellent source of fiber, and a smart choice as most Americans aren’t getting the recommended amount of fiber each day. That’s one of the reasons I love these as a choice for healthy snacking on the road, but you can also use them as a versatile recipe ingredient. The special care taken in growing these reserve prunes leads to a smooth, elegant, and complex flavor profile to compliment all your fall entertaining dishes. Make an easy party platter with the Sunsweet D’Noir prunes, the Sargento cheese stick chopped into bite size pieces, some nice crackers, hummus and green olives. Check out Sunsweet D Noir to learn more.

Entertain with Flavor and Funstrong_kind_asset_bars_vert

You know it’s not often that the dietitian gets to talk about beer. But I love looking for creative ways to help people enjoy foods and have fun entertaining. I’ve paired the Strong and KIND bars from KIND snacks with a few of my favorite brews – kind of like a wine and cheese pairing but with KIND and beers. The new STRONG & KIND bars offer BOLD and SAVORY flavors and 10 grams of protein per bar from almonds, seeds, and pea protein. These bars do not contain soy or whey protein. The Five Bold Flavors go great with some seasonal favorite brews, like Hickory Smoked paired with a dark stout beer, Honey Mustard pairs well with an IPA, Thai Sweet Chili is delicious with a seasonal Pumpkin ale, and Roasted Jalapeno pairs well with a crisp Oktoberfest. You really can’t mess it up. Have fun with it. Check out Kind Snacks for more info.

tostitos-scoopsAdd In Nutrition to Tailgates

Whether you are having people over to watch the game or tailgating at the stadium, you need something to crunch on. I like Tostitos® Scoops!® tortilla chips because they are made with simple ingredients – just corn, oils and salt. You can use Tostitos® Scoops!® tortilla chips as a vehicle to scoop up extra nutrition by pairing them with wholesome dips, like bean dip or veggie filled salsa. Fritolay has great recipe ideas, such as Cheesy Bean and Kale Bake that is a guaranteed crowed pleaser. Plus, you can feel good about serving Tostitos® Scoops!® tortilla chips to all your guests – even those with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, since they have been qualified as gluten free.

Share a Snackwonderful_hero

Like Wonderful Pistachios! Everyone will love this because Wonderful Pistachios taste great, they are FUN to crack, and they are CONVENIENT. Just pick them up in the produce aisle and put them in a party bowl. And Wonderful Pistachios are a high-quality food with great nutrition. They boast plant protein and fiber – and no cholesterol. Better yet, you get a whopping 49 nuts per serving, and the shells can help slow your eating pace and be a visual reminder of how much you are eating. That’s good news for the hours spent snacking in front of a game. Try Sweet Chili and Salt & Pepper flavor varieties. And of course, everyone loves the Roasted & Salted. Wonderful Pistachios even offer lightly salted and no salt. Check out Get Crackin to learn more.

Bring a Healthy Dish to PassOR_SpinachCheese_tort

It’s always good to serve something of “substance” at tailgates, but rather than rely on the store deli, you can do better on your own where you control the quality of the ingredients. Make a simple and healthy pasta salad using Three Bridges Organic Spinach & Cheese Tortellini. After a quick boil, cool pasta and tossed them with shredded carrot, chopped red bell pepper, arugula and Italian dressing. It really takes the chore out of cooking and empowers anyone to make a delicious dish. Three Bridges fresh-cut pastas are chef-crafted and available in the refrigerated aisle at Super Target’s and Safeway in the metro DC area. Visit Three Bridges to discover more tasty pastas and sauces.

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or send a tweet to@ScritchfieldRD to share your favorite fall recipes and activities.

Disclosures: I was compensated by Frito, Three Bridges, KIND Snacks, Sargento, Pistachios, and Sunsweet for my work on the TV segment, but was not compensated to write this blog.


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